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What is Java MacOS Dock: -Xdock ?

What is Java MacOS Dock: -Xdock ? Have you used this JVM argument before? What are the pros & cons of using this Java argument? Can you share your perspective/experience in using this JVM argument?

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Pavel Khodakovsky



This option is only available on MacOS.


  • -Xdock:name=<name>: set the name of the application name displayed in the Dock.
  • -Xdock:icon=<path>: set the icon displayed in the Dock.




java -Xdock:name=MyApp -Xdock:icon=Resources/icon.png


Image formats supported are PNG, JPEG and ICNS.




The -Xdock argument is used to control the name of the application and its principal icon as they appear in the MacOS Dock and also in the task switcher and Mission Control screens.


Since Java 9 the icon can be set programmatically using the new java.awt.Taskbar class and its setIconImage method. On older releases of Java, an internal API could be used for the same purpose. However both of these programmatic approaches suffer from not running early enough: the Dock icon for the application will appear in its default form (the Java “coffee cup”) before the code to change the icon is executed. Therefore setting the -Xdock:icon option is preferable since the desired icon is shown immediately. The programmatic API can still be used if the application wishes to modify the icon later, for example to indicate a status change.


Although plain PNG and JPEG files can be used for the icon, for best results use Apple’s ICNS container format. This should contain multiple copies of the icon at different size, to allow the Dock to smoothly scale the image.


Default Value:


If the -Xdock argument is not specified, the application name is displayed as “java” and the default Java icon – the “coffee cup” – is used.




If an incorrect icon path is used with -Xdock:icon then no error is printed, but the default Java icon is used.


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