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What is Java Show Settings: -XshowSettings?

What is Java Show Settings: -XshowSettings? Have you used this JVM argument before? What are the pros & cons of using this Java argument? Can you share your perspective/experience in using this JVM argument?

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Pavel Khodakovsky



• -XshowSettings

• -XshowSettings:<category>


The valid category arguments are as follows:


• all

• locale

• properties

• vm



java -XshowSettings

java -XshowSettings:vm



The -XshowSettings option, with its optional argument, is used to show current
settings related to the JVM. These are formatted for human readability rather
than for machine parsing.

The available categories are as follows:

• vm: settings relating to the JVM
• locale: settings relateing to the locale (e.g. language and timezone)
• properties: system properties
• all: all of the above.

When used, the settings relating to the chosen category – or all categories in the
case of -XshowSettings or -XshowSettings:all – are printed to the console
and then the JVM continues to perform other actions specified on the command
line, such running an application. To see the settings and exit, use this option
with -version:

java -XshowSettings:all -version

Example output from the above command:

VM settings:
Max. Heap Size (Estimated): 4.00G
Using VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM

Property settings:
awt.toolkit = sun.lwawt.macosx.LWCToolkit
file.encoding = UTF-8
file.separator = /

gopherProxySet = false
java.awt.graphicsenv = sun.awt.CGraphicsEnvironment
java.awt.printerjob = sun.lwawt.macosx.CPrinterJob
java.class.path =
java.class.version = 55.0
java.home = /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/adoptopenjdk-11.jdk/Contents/Home = /var/folders/7z/qgdfxv1x6rn_65ss7k_zwkn40000gq/T/
java.library.path = /Users/jsmith/Library/Java/Extensions
. = OpenJDK Runtime Environment
java.runtime.version = 11.0.11+9 = Java Platform API Specification
java.specification.vendor = Oracle Corporation
java.specification.version = 11
java.vendor = AdoptOpenJDK
java.vendor.url =
java.vendor.url.bug =
java.vendor.version = AdoptOpenJDK-11.0.11+9
java.version = 11.0.11 = 2021-04-20
java.vm.compressedOopsMode = Zero based = mixed mode = OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM = Java Virtual Machine Specification
java.vm.specification.vendor = Oracle Corporation
java.vm.specification.version = 11
java.vm.vendor = AdoptOpenJDK
java.vm.version = 11.0.11+9
jdk.debug = release
line.separator = \n
os.arch = x86_64 = Mac OS X
os.version = 10.16
path.separator = : = 64
sun.boot.library.path = /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/adoptopenjdk-11.jdk/Contents/Home/lib
sun.cpu.endian = little
sun.cpu.isalist = = UnicodeBig = SUN_STANDARD
sun.jnu.encoding = UTF-8 = HotSpot 64-Bit Tiered Compilers
sun.os.patch.level = unknown = GB
user.dir = /Users/jsmith/Projects
user.home = /Users/jsmith
user.language = en = jsmith
user.timezone =

Locale settings:
default locale = English (United Kingdom)
default display locale = English (United Kingdom)
default format locale = English (United Kingdom)
available locales = , af, af_NA, af_ZA, agq, agq_CM, ak, ak_GH,
am, am_ET, ar, ar_001, ar_AE, ar_BH, ar_DJ, ar_DZ,
ar_EG, ar_EH, ar_ER, ar_IL, ar_IQ, ar_JO, ar_KM, ar_KW,
ar_LB, ar_LY, ar_MA, ar_MR, ar_OM, ar_PS, ar_QA, ar_SA,
ar_SD, ar_SO, ar_SS, ar_SY, ar_TD, ar_TN, ar_YE, as,
as_IN, asa, asa_TZ, ast, ast_ES, az, az_AZ_#Cyrl, az_AZ_#Latn,
az__#Cyrl, az__#Latn, bas, bas_CM, be, be_BY, bem, bem_ZM,
bez, bez_TZ, bg, bg_BG, bm, bm_ML, bn, bn_BD,
bn_IN, bo, bo_CN, bo_IN, br, br_FR, brx, brx_IN,
bs, bs_BA_#Cyrl, bs_BA_#Latn, bs__#Cyrl, bs__#Latn, ca, ca_AD, ca_ES,
ca_ES_VALENCIA, ca_FR, ca_IT, ccp, ccp_BD, ccp_IN, ce, ce_RU,
cgg, cgg_UG, chr, chr_US, ckb, ckb_IQ, ckb_IR, cs,
cs_CZ, cu, cu_RU, cy, cy_GB, da, da_DK, da_GL,
dav, dav_KE, de, de_AT, de_BE, de_CH, de_DE, de_IT,
de_LI, de_LU, dje, dje_NE, dsb, dsb_DE, dua, dua_CM,
dyo, dyo_SN, dz, dz_BT, ebu, ebu_KE, ee, ee_GH,
ee_TG, el, el_CY, el_GR, en, en_001, en_150, en_AG,
en_AI, en_AS, en_AT, en_AU, en_BB, en_BE, en_BI, en_BM,
en_BS, en_BW, en_BZ, en_CA, en_CC, en_CH, en_CK, en_CM,
en_CX, en_CY, en_DE, en_DG, en_DK, en_DM, en_ER, en_FI,
en_FJ, en_FK, en_FM, en_GB, en_GD, en_GG, en_GH, en_GI,
en_GM, en_GU, en_GY, en_HK, en_IE, en_IL, en_IM, en_IN,
en_IO, en_JE, en_JM, en_KE, en_KI, en_KN, en_KY, en_LC,
en_LR, en_LS, en_MG, en_MH, en_MO, en_MP, en_MS, en_MT,
en_MU, en_MW, en_MY, en_NA, en_NF, en_NG, en_NL, en_NR,
en_NU, en_NZ, en_PG, en_PH, en_PK, en_PN, en_PR, en_PW,
en_RW, en_SB, en_SC, en_SD, en_SE, en_SG, en_SH, en_SI,
en_SL, en_SS, en_SX, en_SZ, en_TC, en_TK, en_TO, en_TT,
en_TV, en_TZ, en_UG, en_UM, en_US, en_US_POSIX, en_VC, en_VG,
en_VI, en_VU, en_WS, en_ZA, en_ZM, en_ZW, eo, eo_001,
es, es_419, es_AR, es_BO, es_BR, es_BZ, es_CL, es_CO,
es_CR, es_CU, es_DO, es_EA, es_EC, es_ES, es_GQ, es_GT,
es_HN, es_IC, es_MX, es_NI, es_PA, es_PE, es_PH, es_PR,
es_PY, es_SV, es_US, es_UY, es_VE, et, et_EE, eu,
eu_ES, ewo, ewo_CM, fa, fa_AF, fa_IR, ff, ff_CM,
ff_GN, ff_MR, ff_SN, fi, fi_FI, fil, fil_PH, fo,
fo_DK, fo_FO, fr, fr_BE, fr_BF, fr_BI, fr_BJ, fr_BL,
fr_CA, fr_CD, fr_CF, fr_CG, fr_CH, fr_CI, fr_CM, fr_DJ,
fr_DZ, fr_FR, fr_GA, fr_GF, fr_GN, fr_GP, fr_GQ, fr_HT,
fr_KM, fr_LU, fr_MA, fr_MC, fr_MF, fr_MG, fr_ML, fr_MQ,
fr_MR, fr_MU, fr_NC, fr_NE, fr_PF, fr_PM, fr_RE, fr_RW,
fr_SC, fr_SN, fr_SY, fr_TD, fr_TG, fr_TN, fr_VU, fr_WF,
fr_YT, fur, fur_IT, fy, fy_NL, ga, ga_IE, gd,
gd_GB, gl, gl_ES, gsw, gsw_CH, gsw_FR, gsw_LI, gu,
gu_IN, guz, guz_KE, gv, gv_IM, ha, ha_GH, ha_NE,
ha_NG, haw, haw_US, hi, hi_IN, hr, hr_BA, hr_HR,
hsb, hsb_DE, hu, hu_HU, hy, hy_AM, ig, ig_NG,
ii, ii_CN, in, in_ID, is, is_IS, it, it_CH,
it_IT, it_SM, it_VA, iw, iw_IL, ja, ja_JP, ja_JP_JP_#u-ca-japanese,
jgo, jgo_CM, ji, ji_001, jmc, jmc_TZ, ka, ka_GE,
kab, kab_DZ, kam, kam_KE, kde, kde_TZ, kea, kea_CV,
khq, khq_ML, ki, ki_KE, kk, kk_KZ, kkj, kkj_CM,
kl, kl_GL, kln, kln_KE, km, km_KH, kn, kn_IN,
ko, ko_KP, ko_KR, kok, kok_IN, ks, ks_IN, ksb,
ksb_TZ, ksf, ksf_CM, ksh, ksh_DE, kw, kw_GB, ky,
ky_KG, lag, lag_TZ, lb, lb_LU, lg, lg_UG, lkt,
lkt_US, ln, ln_AO, ln_CD, ln_CF, ln_CG, lo, lo_LA,
lrc, lrc_IQ, lrc_IR, lt, lt_LT, lu, lu_CD, luo,
luo_KE, luy, luy_KE, lv, lv_LV, mas, mas_KE, mas_TZ,
mer, mer_KE, mfe, mfe_MU, mg, mg_MG, mgh, mgh_MZ,
mgo, mgo_CM, mk, mk_MK, ml, ml_IN, mn, mn_MN,
mr, mr_IN, ms, ms_BN, ms_MY, ms_SG, mt, mt_MT,
mua, mua_CM, my, my_MM, mzn, mzn_IR, naq, naq_NA,
nb, nb_NO, nb_SJ, nd, nd_ZW, nds, nds_DE, nds_NL,
ne, ne_IN, ne_NP, nl, nl_AW, nl_BE, nl_BQ, nl_CW,
nl_NL, nl_SR, nl_SX, nmg, nmg_CM, nn, nn_NO, nnh,
nnh_CM, no, no_NO, no_NO_NY, nus, nus_SS, nyn, nyn_UG,
om, om_ET, om_KE, or, or_IN, os, os_GE, os_RU,
pa, pa_IN_#Guru, pa_PK_#Arab, pa__#Arab, pa__#Guru, pl, pl_PL, prg,
prg_001, ps, ps_AF, pt, pt_AO, pt_BR, pt_CH, pt_CV,
pt_GQ, pt_GW, pt_LU, pt_MO, pt_MZ, pt_PT, pt_ST, pt_TL,
qu, qu_BO, qu_EC, qu_PE, rm, rm_CH, rn, rn_BI,
ro, ro_MD, ro_RO, rof, rof_TZ, ru, ru_BY, ru_KG,
ru_KZ, ru_MD, ru_RU, ru_UA, rw, rw_RW, rwk, rwk_TZ,
sah, sah_RU, saq, saq_KE, sbp, sbp_TZ, sd, sd_PK,
se, se_FI, se_NO, se_SE, seh, seh_MZ, ses, ses_ML,
sg, sg_CF, shi, shi_MA_#Latn, shi_MA_#Tfng, shi__#Latn, shi__#Tfng, si,
si_LK, sk, sk_SK, sl, sl_SI, smn, smn_FI, sn,
sn_ZW, so, so_DJ, so_ET, so_KE, so_SO, sq, sq_AL,
sq_MK, sq_XK, sr, sr_BA, sr_BA_#Cyrl, sr_BA_#Latn, sr_CS, sr_ME,
sr_ME_#Cyrl, sr_ME_#Latn, sr_RS, sr_RS_#Cyrl, sr_RS_#Latn, sr_XK_#Cyrl, sr_XK_#Latn, sr__#Cyrl,
sr__#Latn, sv, sv_AX, sv_FI, sv_SE, sw, sw_CD, sw_KE,
sw_TZ, sw_UG, ta, ta_IN, ta_LK, ta_MY, ta_SG, te,
te_IN, teo, teo_KE, teo_UG, tg, tg_TJ, th, th_TH,
th_TH_TH_#u-nu-thai, ti, ti_ER, ti_ET, tk, tk_TM, to, to_TO,
tr, tr_CY, tr_TR, tt, tt_RU, twq, twq_NE, tzm,
tzm_MA, ug, ug_CN, uk, uk_UA, ur, ur_IN, ur_PK,
uz, uz_AF_#Arab, uz_UZ_#Cyrl, uz_UZ_#Latn, uz__#Arab, uz__#Cyrl, uz__#Latn, vai,
vai_LR_#Latn, vai_LR_#Vaii, vai__#Latn, vai__#Vaii, vi, vi_VN, vo, vo_001,
vun, vun_TZ, wae, wae_CH, wo, wo_SN, xog, xog_UG,
yav, yav_CM, yo, yo_BJ, yo_NG, yue, yue_CN_#Hans, yue_HK_#Hant,
yue__#Hans, yue__#Hant, zgh, zgh_MA, zh, zh_CN, zh_CN_#Hans, zh_HK,
zh_HK_#Hans, zh_HK_#Hant, zh_MO_#Hans, zh_MO_#Hant, zh_SG, zh_SG_#Hans, zh_TW, zh_TW_#Hant,
zh__#Hans, zh__#Hant, zu, zu_ZA
openjdk version "11.0.11" 2021-04-20
OpenJDK Runtime Environment AdoptOpenJDK-11.0.11+9 (build 11.0.11+9)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM AdoptOpenJDK-11.0.11+9 (build 11.0.11+9, mixed mode)


Default Value:

The default value of -XshowSettings is off, i.e. settings are not printed by the
JVM unless -XshowSettings is used.
The default category is all.


None.If an invalid category name is specified, the JVM prints settings for all categories
and then continues.

Arguments Related to -XshowSettings:


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If you have additional comments, interesting experiences or even point of disagreement with this JVM argument description, please leave a comment. Your
insights will help the entire 10+ million java developer community to develop
one standard source of documentation for all the JVM arguments.

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