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What is Java Extensive Error Reports: -XX:+ExtensiveErrorReports?

What is Java Extensive Error Reports: -XX:+ExtensiveErrorReports? Have you used this JVM argument before? What are the pros & cons of using this Java argument? Can you share your perspective/experience in using this JVM argument?

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Pavel Khodakovsky


• -XX:+ExtensiveErrorReports
• -XX:-ExtensiveErrorReports


The -XX:+ExtensiveErrorReports enables more detailed and thorough error
information to be written to the error file, as determined by the -XX:ErrorFile

This option can be useful when attempting to diagnose the causes of a JVM crash.
However it tends to produce very large error files that waste disk space if the
data is not actually being used. Also the file may contain sensitive information,
e.g. the contents of the JVM memory which may include passwords and other
secrets. Therefore care should be taken before sending the error file to a third

The -XX:-ExtensiveErrorReports flag disables extensive error reports,
which is the default. Where both -XX:+ExtensiveErrorReports and
-XX:-ExtensiveErrorReports have been used on a command line, the last one
takes precedence.


Default Value:

Extensive error reports are disabled by default.



Arguments Related to -XX:+ExtensiveErrorReports:

TODO: Link to -XX:ErrorFile TODO: link to -XX:OnError TODO: link to



If you have additional comments, interesting experiences or even point of disagreement with this JVM argument description, please leave a comment. Your
insights will help the entire 10+ million java developer community to develop
one standard source of documentation for all the JVM arguments.

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