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What is JVM detailed version: -Xinternalversion?

What is JVM detailed version: -Xinternalversion? Have you used this JVM argument before? What are the pros & cons of using this Java argument? Can you share your perspective/experience in using this JVM argument?

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Pavel Khodakovsky



-Xinternalversion displays more detailed JVM version information than the -version option




To check all the related data to version use


java -Xinternalversion


will produce output similar to:


OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (13.0.2+8) for windows-amd64 JRE (13.0.2+8), built on Jan 17 2020 10:38:43 by "" with MS VC++ 15.8 (VS2017)




The –Xinternalversion allows to get advanced version information compared to standard java virtual machine argument “-version".


Default Value:


Not applicable






Arguments related:


TODO: link to -version


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